Education in Action: Collaborative Classrooms

We are passing those days when we were sitting in classroom rows with a teacher sitting behind a desk glued to a laptop screen. What does the future classroom look like? – Movable furniture, document cameras, multiple monitors, and interactive projectors. All these new innovations belong to “active learning” introduced as a collaborative learning space promoting both creativity and critical thinking, with an aim to provide equal visual and auditory accessibility for students, regardless of where they are sitting in the classroom. As the need for collaboration continues to flourish and expand in capabilities, technology becomes more crucial.

Nowadays thanks to wireless device connectivity, students and teacher are able to use tablet devices in the classroom. For instance, with Epson education presentation displays, students can project content from their devices onto entire walls and surfaces, and annotate on the wall in real time using their fingers with BrightLink devices. Also, it enables teachers to see and display up to four devices simultaneously from a maximum of fifty connected student devices, or easily compare students’ work side-by-side for an engaging, collaborative learning experience.

Primitive digital whiteboards, which were used primarily to display the content from the web, were replaced by capacitive touchscreens. Instead of offering little opportunity for interaction with students, with new touchscreens teachers are capable of having students collaborate on their work, create diagrams, and perform other work on a touchscreen and interact with rich content such as videos and games. As AV technology growth continues, teachers will be able to incorporate more interactive elements into their lessons.

In addition to touchscreens, video conferencing technologies play a significant role in today’s education as well. Distance learning continues to grow; hence, educational facilities adopt video conferencing as an important tool for their programs. This innovation allows teacher and students to interact the way they would in a true classroom. It is not a standard for distance learning at this moment, but this face-to-face learning environment will be enhanced pretty soon…


Great Lecture Capture Products for Classrooms:

Vaddio AV Bridge MATRIX PRO ( *This AV Bridge makes it simple to encode, capture, and stream AV content through a variety of PC apps or directly to the network.)

Panasonic AW-UE70 4K Pan/Tilt/ Zoom Camera

 Marshall Electronics CV612HT-4K Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Revolabs Executive Elite 2-Channel Wireless Microphone System (*Great solution for auditoriums and lecture halls where the voice of a presenter has to be easily heard and understood by students from small to large.)

 1 Beyond Collaborate AVS (*Great conferencing solution for large and small rooms with various layouts. System detects speaker and switches camera slots.)


Learn more:

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